Michał Dominik

My name is Michał Dominik and I’m passionate about quality leadership and teamwork. I feel great when I work with professionals coming together to fulfill a mission just like a highly trained special forces unit. Being part of that always gives my job meaning and brings great satisfaction. Many people never had this experience or not often enough. I want to change that.

I’m a scientist by training. My career took me through academia, public health institutions, online businesses and corporate banks. My professional path led my to investigate gravitational waves, medical imaging and artificial intelligence, among others. Working in all of these places exposed me to different types of leadership, organizations, skill sets and people.

In order to battle the sitting lifestyle I’ve gained considerable expertise in modern self-defense ranging from gun fighting to unarmed combat. I was very fortunate to have had the chance to learn these skills from the very best and today, I have the great pleasure of passing these abilities on to other people. Through teaching I help them to take care of themselves and others both physically and mentally, improving the quality of their lives.

The combination of experiencing various business environments and training under military instructors and discipline gave me a clear vision of what leadership and teamwork is. This in turn drove me to develop the Warband team building program and to bring you the Leaderborn blog.

Let's do business

I love working with like-minded professionals and add value to all parties. If you want to talk business do not hesitate to contact me. I operate in the Warsaw area.