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Warband is one of the most intense, hands-on workshops on leadership and teamwork out there. It deals with challenges business by applying solutions adopted from experiences and operating procedures of special forces units.

Upon completing the Warband workshop you and your team will be equipped with the necessary tools and ideas to form a well organized, mutually supportive unit with clear ideas of responsibility and initiative. Adopting the fundamental concepts of the workshop will increase your team’s productivity, resilience to stress and the sense of purpose.

This program distinguishes itself from other workshops offered in this domain by providing fully engaging demonstrations of the most crucial ideas and principles of combat leadership and cooperation with translation to business realities. The training is difficult and requires full and constant focus of the participants and consists of a series of time-limited tasks to be completed under physical and mental stress.

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Be aware that today, many businesses invest considerable portions of their resources in technology development to meet the demands of modern markets yet struggle with age-old problems of leadership and cooperation within and without. Bringing together talented individuals and forging them into an effective team remains problematic and if neglected may result in financial losses, animosities, erosion of morale and corporate culture degradation.

One of the fundamental ideas of the Warband program states that in order to cooperate well within a team, each member has to possess the necessary technical skills to operate well within the frame of the business demands. To illustrate this and to provide memorable experiences the program is carried out with the use of firearms. Thus, before committing to task completion the participants undergo fundamental firearms training. This takes place on a dedicated shooting range in Warsaw and other areas. The training is supervised by highly qualified instructors with rich experience in special forces operations and combat handling of modern weapons.

Once completed, the participants use this training to complete tactical assignments, which illustrate the core ideas of this program. The tasks will require basic firearms operation and laying down effective fire on provided targets as well as mental agility and endurance.

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